The Deep Bass Level screen allows you to adjust subwoofer output from –10dB to +10dB in the 20-30Hz range. This control and Anthem Room Correction (ARC) serve similar purposes. Where this control is limited to the 20-30Hz frequency range, ARC adjusts your subwoofer’s output across its entire frequency range. If not using ARC, this control can be used to modify your subwoofer’s response to compensate for the room anomalies or to modify the subwoofers sound to your personal taste. The frequencies adjusted are between 20-30Hz – a range where peaks (room gain) and dips of different amplitudes often develop in listening rooms. The ideal setting is dependent on room size and construction, system configuration, and personal preference. As a rule of thumb, if your low-bass sounds weak, increase this control. If your low-bass sounds bloated, decrease this control.