Subwoofers come with different connection methods, Low-Level inputs including RCA and XLR as well as wireless options.

In the case of wireless connections, please refer to your subwoofer or wireless transmitter’s manual.

For Low-Level Inputs:

Low-Level Input — RCA (Fig. 3a) Connects from the RCA or Sub/LFE–Output of your receiver/preamp. (Fig. 3b) If connecting a stereo pair of RCA connections from an older receiver/preamp, make sure to set your crossover settings in order to not make the subwoofer play a full range signal.

Low-Level Input — Balanced XLR (Fig. 4) Connects from the Balanced XLR Sub/LFE–Output of your receiver/preamp. This input provides the lowest noise and distortion possible. It is particularly important for long cable runs.