The Persona 9H speakers do not pair like the Founder 120H models. These units would connect to your computer running the ARC Genesis software individually using the supplied USB A to Mini-USB cable.

After selecting Launch ARC, you will be prompted to select how many microphone positions you wish to measure from (refer to recommendation on Page 23 of the Persona 9H manual), and continue to measure the speaker. Once you have completed the measurement on one speaker, simply connect to the other speaker in the pair and repeat the process. 

The Persona 9H models will be measured for their bass response in the active woofer section. This measurement is taken and is uploaded independently to each speaker. Once the measurement is uploaded, this can also be toggled On/Off using the ARC button control on the back of the speaker(s). 

If paired with a receiver or processor that also has room correction like Anthem products that support ARC Genesis, it is recommended to use ARC Genesis to measure the speaker(s) first before running a measurement through the connected receiver/processor.