Founder 120H speakers have the ability to be set up as a pair. Once you pair two Founder 120H speakers, you will be able to connect to both speakers simultaneously to run ARC either via USB connection or Bluetooth (Mac OS only). 

All Founder 120H speakers are identified as “Left” speakers out of the factory and are automatically looking to pair with a “Right” speaker. Speakers can only be paired if they also share the same name.

When pairing multiple sets of 120Hs, you will need to use a different name for the additional pairs of speakers. 

How to Pair using ARC:

Connect both speakers to AC power 

Open ARC Genesis 

Connect your laptop and start with the Right speaker. 

Click on “Pairing Tool” under “OTHER TOOLS” on the left side of the screen 

From the drop down menu on set the "Type" to the option for "Right". 

Click “Apply Changes”. If successful a small window will pop up that shows the paired status

Once paired, you would be able to Launch ARC Genesis to measure and correct the bass frequency response from these units as a stereo pair. After the measurement has completed, the ARC corrections will upload directly to the Founder 120H speakers. It is recommended to complete this first if using a receiver or processor that also has room correction capabilities like Anthem products and ARC Genesis.